Monday, June 14, 2010

Billy Taylor For Delegate 44th DIST.

                   WE WANT

A HEALTHY CITY                     
               & JOBS                                  

                            Billy Taylor
                   for DELEGATE 44th DIST.
                    Citizens for Billy Taylor Denise Nowlin Treasurer
                       Billy Taylor

wants to be a Change Agent in Annapolis representing the 44th
Legislative District. Our district. He is passionate about change that promotes opportunities  for people to : learn more ; live better & increase their ability to help themselves and others.

Our neighbors want safe streets & safe schools. We all deserve a healthy environment & a thriving city where jobs raise self-esteem & dpress crime.
WE want change...........

Billy Taylor
for Delegate 44th DIST. Maryland

call 410-905-3845 to Volunteer or Donate
Make checks payable to :
Citizens for Billy Taylor, Denise Nowlin , Treasurer
124 W. Franklin St., Ste. 1409 , Baltimore,MD 21201