Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Musical Tribute part 2

There will be a musical tribute to radio legend Billy Taylor, canidate for 44th district
featuring  Gerald Alston, lead singer of the Manhattans, singing A Change is Going to Come ,The  I Can't  We Can Choir , Sis. Sherry Hunt and others.
Thursday, August 5,2010
Hiram Grand
1207 Eutaw Pl.
You don't want to miss this spectacular evening!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Billy Taylor the, Cordish Company,City Council president Jack Young, and Carry Young are planning a big musical fund raiser to help keep summer pools open all summer.


Billy Taylor call Ravenwood nursing home today and is waiting for a return phone call.
To make sure the people of the 44th know that he cares even when current elected official may sometimes be to busy.

Musical Tribute

There will be a big musical tribute to Billy Taylor radio legend and candidate for House of Delegates in the 44th District.
Thursday AUG 5th 6-8pm at the Hiram Grand
1207 Utah Street
Ticket Info Call : 410 908 3845